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Designer Series Wall Mounted Inverter

The Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series has been awarded the iF Product Design award for its simple and elegant design. The clean, flat surfaces and bevelled edges allow it to blend in discretely with modern interiors.




Designer Heat Pump White

Designer Series White

Designer Series Heat Pump Silver

Designer Series Sliver

Designer Series Heat Pump Black

Designer Series Black


Mitsubishi Designer Scene

Heating Capacity: 3.2 kW
Heating Efficiency – COP: 4.57 / ACOP: 4.75
Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
Cooling Efficiency – EER: 4.59 / AEER: 4.55

Heating Capacity: 4.0 kW
Heating Efficiency – COP: 4.19 / ACOP: 4.29
Cooling Capacity: 3.5 kW
Cooling Efficiency – EER: 3.85 / AEER: 3.89

Heating Capacity: 5.4 kW
Heating Efficiency – COP: 3.70 / ACOP: 3.8
Cooling Capacity: 4.2 kW
Cooling Efficiency – EER: 3.28 / AEER: 3.28

Heating Capacity: 5.8 kW
Heating Efficiency – COP: 3.71 / ACOP: 3.55
Cooling Capacity: 5.0 kW
Cooling Efficiency – EER: 3.21 / AEER: 3.11


Designer Series
High Wall Mounted

Created to suit even those with the most discerning style. With elegant, clean lines the Designer Series is available in a glossy black, matte silver or classic white – complementing your home’s decor and existing appliances.

Designer Comparrison GE Series

Guaranteed heating performance down to minus 15 degrees.
Not all heat pumps perform when they are needed most. Our range is guaranteed to effectively provide heating on those cold nights or mornings when you really need it.


New 7-Day Programmable Timer



Wake up and come home to optimal temperatures whilst conserving energy!



Outdoor Unit


Example - Weekday Setting:

• 6am : The temperature

automatically changes to 21°C.

• 8am : The heat pump turns off while

the home is unoccupied.

• 5pm : The heat pump turns backon and with the temperature setat 21°C, this warms the home in

preparation for your return home.

• 11pm : The temperature reducesto 18°C, while you are sleeping for

energy saving operation.


Example - Weekend Setting:

• 7am : The temperature

automatically changes to 21°C .

• 9am : The temperature reduces to18°C, as the outside temperature


• 5pm : The temperature increasesto 21°C as outside air temperature

is drops.

• 11pm : The temperature reducesto 18°C, while you are sleeping for

energy saving operation.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners / Heat Pumps come with a full 5 year parts, labour and compressor

warranty. Warranty conditions apply. Please be aware of these conditions prior to purchasing this product.


Designer Specifications 

  Power Supply: All 230V, Single Phase, 50 Hz.
     *Sound Level: Low / Medium / High. **SH = Super High.
     Colour: Heat pump units shown may not be colour accurate, please ensure you view an actual
     unit for colour matching.
     Maximum length is inclusive of height differential. i.e. (30/15) means the pipe can be 15m
      high and 15m across for a total length of 30m.



COP (Coefficient of Performance) or Efficiency is the ratio of energy input to energy output. ie. a system with a COP / EER of 3.5 would produce 3.5kW of heat on the heating cycle for each 1.0kW of electrical energy input and remove 3.5kW of heat on the cooling cycle.


Download a copy of the full product brochure


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