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Swimming Pool Heatpumps

Imagine being able to swim in your own warm heated pool even during the coolest months of the year. It might sound like an expensive luxury, but read on. The extra value and enjoyment of a heated pool could cost a lot less than you think.


Low Cost

The problem with heating thousands of litres of water during the colder months has always been the cost. Now the pool heat pump technology simply boosts the natural heat resulting in perfectly efficient and economical pool heating at huge cost reductions.


Superior Technology

Oasis has mastered the art of heating pool water cost effectively by developing a technology that does not generate heat, but merely transfers it. Heat is extracted from the air, boosted to a higher temperature, then transferred to the pool via a titanium heat exchanger, warming your pool.


Set And Forget

The best part is that it's so easy. Set the ideal temperature and the heat pump will maintain the pool temperature digitally correcting the temperature as the seasons change.


Save heat and save money.

If you want to enjoy your pool all year round, a heat pump offers an unrivaled combination of performance and economy. Heat pumps are the most efficient and economical pool heaters on the market. A heat pump will maintain your pool at a comfortable 28 degrees or more and because it extracts heat from the air, it delivers up to five times more energy in heat than it consumes in electricity.



Features & Benefits

  • Latest in Heat Pump Technology

  • fEnvironmentally Friendly refrigerant

  • fSupplying heat pumps for over 20 years

  • fGrade one titanium heat exchangers

  • fAll C Series units have thermostatic expansion valves

  • fFlow switches in all units

  • fLife time warranty on Titanium Heat exchanger against corrosion

  • fDigitally controlled thermostat

  • Carel Controller with water sampling & time clock control

  • Whisper quiet fans

  • fReverse cycle defrost standard for low ambient operation

  • f100% factory tested

  • fEnergy Efficient

  • fNation wide back up

  • fScroll and rotary compressor

  • fExported to Europe and Asia

  • fHydrophilic Coil protection on all models


Whether you use your pool for exercise, therapy or just fun, Oasis will ensure a comfortable and inviting water temperature all year round without huge running expenses.



How They Work

Oasis heat pumps capture free heat from the air to heat your pool. They work like air conditioners in reverse, making heat, not cold. Heat pumps use electricity to operate small pumps and fans. No gas or other fuel is used, which reduces your carbon foot print for a more environmentally friendly pool-heating solution.





Download a copy of the full product brochure


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