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Ceiling Suspended



Reluctance DC Rotary Compressor (3HP)


The reluctance DC motor has a rotor equipped with powerful neodymium magnets. The magnetic torque produced by the neodymium magnets and reluctance torque results in more efficient operation.


DC Fan Motor


A high-efficiency DC motor drives the fan of the outdoor unit. It offers up to 60% greater efficiency than an equivalent AC motor.


Vector-Wave Eco Inverter


This produces the most efficient waveform in responseto varying compressor motor rpm. By improving operatingefficiency from low to high speeds, annual electricitycosts are reduced.


New Highly Efficient Scroll Compressor (4 / 5 / 6 / 8 /10HP)

The newly developed scroll compressor is equipped with a “Frame Compliance Mechanism” that allows movement in the axial direction of the frame supporting the cradle scroll. This greatly reduces bothleaking and friction loss, ensuring very high efficiency throughout the speed range.



  Designed for ultra quiet operation and easy maintenance, the PC Series provides exceptional air conditioning.  

Extra Slim, Extra Stylish


Sleek and slim with stylishly curved lines, the PC Series blends right into any interior. It also features a single air outlet which allows the auto vane to act as a shutter when the unit is turned off.


Auto Vane Distributes Air Evenly

The auto vane swings up and down automatically to distribute air more evenly to every corner of the room.



COP (Coefficient of Performance) or Efficiency is the ratio of energy input to energy output. ie. a system with a COP / EER of 3.5 would produce 3.5kW of heat on the heating cycle for each 1.0kW of electrical energy input and remove 3.5kW of heat on the cooling cycle.


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