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Super Daiseikai Inverter Wall Mounted



for the better

Outstanding energy savings Its 6 star energy rating on heating and cooling and its 5.1 EER (size 10) make the Super Daiseikai a supreme champion in energy saving: 35% more than a standard 6 star inverter. In addition, thanks to its twin rotary compressor, it can operate at very low speeds (minimum cooling capacity is 0.5 kW), consuming only 100 Watts. This system combines savings and efficiency, providing extraordinary performance. In fact, it can operate at any outside temperature: down to –15 °C in heating mode and to –10 °C in cooling mode.


Excellent indoor air quality

Super Daiseikai offers exceptional air treatment and filtration, providing a pure and healthy environment. Its efficient Ag+ Plasma Air Purifier deodorises indoor air and doesn’t require washing as it’s constantly selfregenerating. The new ’Self-cleaning with Low Density Ozone’ feature not only dries the coil to prevent mould formation, it also has an antiseptic effect.

This extraordinary complete system provides a lot of important benefits: it catches dust and pet air, removes odours (tobacco, rubbish, exhaust gases…), eliminates bacteria, pollen, mould spores and viruses. This means that Super Daiseikai ensures a really healthy environment!

No compromise, just comfort

The new infra-red remote control has been designed to meet the most demanding expectations. Extensive market research has highlighted the preferred settings of users and these have already been stored in the unit’s memory. Toshiba offers the most complete range of functions to help users reach a state of complete comfort:









5 fan speeds and Auto can be selected.

12 motorised louver settings can be chosen for very precise air direction control.

One touch personal comfort: the user can save their preferred settings on the remote.



COP (Coefficient of Performance) or Efficiency is the ratio of energy input to energy output. ie. a system with a COP / EER of 3.5 would produce 3.5kW of heat on the heating cycle for each 1.0kW of electrical energy input and remove 3.5kW of heat on the cooling cycle.


Download a copy of the full product brochure


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