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Console Inverter


Compact design

Toshiba designers and engineers have succeed in developing a powerful unit in a small compact structure.


With its modern lines and white colour blends perfectly in any environment.


Occupy less space than a standard radiator and could be easily installed under a bay window or in a low ceiling attic.



Toshiba Bi-flow air delivery system


This feature enables users to select the favorable air flow outlet between the two available positioned at the top and bottom front of the unit.


The warm air distributed from the bottom front is a Toshiba original feature. The warm air flows in the room interior directly toward the floor.

Personalised air flow selection in all



User has a choice of up to five fan speed selectable manually or automatically.

Air flow direction can be customize dy selecting one of the

several fixed positions or by activating the swing function that move regularly the outlet louver for a uniform air distribution.

The result of these combinations is the possibility to find the perfect individual comfort in every working temperature condition.


Self cleaning function


When you turn off your air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil.

This useful function performs the moisture removal which is the main cause of mould formation.




COP (Coefficient of Performance) or Efficiency is the ratio of energy input to energy output. ie. a system with a COP / EER of 3.5 would produce 3.5kW of heat on the heating cycle for each 1.0kW of electrical energy input and remove 3.5kW of heat on the cooling cycle.


Download a copy of the full product brochure


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